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We help active individuals and athletes in Monmouth County recover from injury, overcome chronic issues, and maximize physical performance to continue living a dynamic, pain-free life.

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Giving you the one-on-one care you deserve.

Are you frustrated with traditional Physical Therapy practices and feel you are "just another number"?

Do you find yourself performing repetitive exercises that you can do at home while sharing your session with other patients?

Are you receiving the same treatment each visit and feeling discouraged about your lack of progress?

Are your sessions primarily supervised by aides, techs, or assistants with minimal to no interaction from your Physical Therapist?

Dr. Bryan Dau, PT, DPT, MBA founded Continuum Physical Therapy & Wellness with the goal of providing high-quality physical therapy services through one-on-one patient care. Unlike other clinics, we provides one-on-one attention every single session, giving our patients' the proper hands on guidance and feedback needed to optimally progress through their treatment and achieve long-term success. Our services are customized to meet our patients' individualized needs utilizing state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatment techniques.

Whether you are seeking care for a new injury, a chronic issue or want to maximize your physical performance, Continuum is here to help you to achieve your goals by treating all pain, injuries, and conditions from head to toe.

Dr. Bryan Dau, PT, DPT, MBA

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At Continuum, You Are NOT Just a Number.

Our Focus is You.

What makes Continuum different?

We approach Physical Therapy differently. No more cookie cutter treatment plans or minimal interactions with your therapist. One-on-one individualized care to help you meet and exceed your goals while providing you long-lasting results.

Physical Therapy Model

  • One-on-one sessions at all times
  • Entire session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Full body approach, treating the entire person based on their individualized needs
  • Combination of manual therapy techniques and hands-on exercises
  • Ongoing communication with your physical therapist outside the clinic
  • Less frequent visits provide more freedom & flexibility to you
  • Seek out the root cause of a problem and focus on long-term solutions

Physical Therapy Model

  • 3-4 patients booked at the same time
  • Therapy performed by aides, techs, or assistants with minimal to no interaction from your Physical Therapist
  • Insurance only authorizing treatment on one body part at a time
  • Same repetitive exercises each visit that can be done at home
  • No communication with the physical therapist outside of the clinic
  • Required to go 2-3x per week taking away time from your busy life
  • Focus on resolving symptoms and temporary relief
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Providing services to meet and exceed your goals.

We strive to continually adapt to the changes in our patients' lives by providing them with the services they need in order to maintain good health, well-being, and happy, active lives.

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Our 3 Step Process

So, how does this all work?

Our 3 step process takes a full body approach by identifying the root cause of the issue and treating the underlying problem(s) as opposed to just managing symptoms. We provide you the tools needed to succeed in the long-term and help you regain control of your active life!

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After scheduling your initial evaluation, a Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough evaluation to clearly identify the problem and the root cause(s) to the issue(s) you are experiencing.

Your 60-minute evaluation will consist of a comprehensive full body movement assessment along with an in-depth examination of strength, range of motion, mobility, posture, flexibility, and gait.

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Using a combination of exercise and manual therapy techniques, a customized plan will be developed and executed to address problem areas and root causes identified on evaluation. Each treatment plan focuses on long-term solutions by addressing the root causes of your issue and not just the symptoms.

Our highly individualized and one-on-one approach allows for proper modifications, progressions, guidance, and real time feedback that are all essential for you to optimally progress towards your goals.



Education is the most important component to any rehab program. You will be given with the knowledge to understand the why behind your issue and how to prevent it from returning in the future.

We will provide you with a strong framework to be independent in managing your health and well-being while giving you the tools and guidance needed to succeed in the long-term.

Testimonials From Our Patients

5 star review

"I was experiencing low back pain and hip tightness and by the end of my first session, I felt a ton of relief. Dr. Dau is professional, highly knowledgeable and overall just a really kind and compassionate doctor. The space at Continuum is super clean and welcoming. I loved being able to experience top-notch, new equipment that I’ve never used before. Look no further than Dr. Dau!"

5 star review

"Dr. Bryan Dau is an exceptional clinician and therapist. Not only does he have the knowledge and skills to address your symptoms, he also listens to you and adjusts your treatment appropriately. By recommendation, I went to him with an unconventional shoulder issue. He took the time to address my changing symptoms and was able to greatly improve my mobility, strength and range of motion. If you want to get better or improve your performance, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Dau. The one on one attention is unbeatable."

5 star review

"Dr. Dau is an exceptional therapist. I am an ultra-distance runner and fitness professional who has suffered from chronic injuries and pain due to racing and training. I have spent several years going to other PT and wellness therapists only to achieve minimal and short-lived relief. However, one session with Bryan alleviated severe pain; something I have never experienced with another therapist. It’s almost awkward not having that pain and restriction of movement. Dr. Dau explains every technique he’s applying so you can be well informed about your own physiology. He truly believes in physical wellness and exercise longevity - two key components that any runner wants to hear! Thank you Bryan!"

5 star review

"As a former collegiate athlete having spent countless hours in the training room doing treatment I'm no stranger to physical therapy. Dr. Dau provided an amazing experience in a setting that's conducive to recovery. Can't wait for my next session!"

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